Style Guide: Island Luxe Wedding Inspiration!



Island luxe is a wedding style that we are absolutely loving right now! This kind of theme is just perfect for our East Coast location, with the combination of beautiful beaches and lush green hinterland on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay allowing us to draw inspiration from our surroundings.

An Island luxe wedding is best suited for couples wanting a fun and relaxed setting filled with plenty of natural textures, lush botanicals, and subtle, elegant details. Luckily, creating a tropical-inspired wedding can be super easy to achieve with the right styling elements on hand.

So if you’re on the hunt for some tropical wedding ideas with a modern twist, you’re in the right place!  Read on for our top styling tips and furniture recommendations to help you bring an Island-inspired look to life.


Image by Figtree Pictures


Styled by The Events Lounge / Image by Lucas and Co Photography

Island Luxe: Colour Palette

A cohesive colour palette is the key to ensuring your wedding styling flows beautifully from one area to the next. An Island Luxe wedding is all about a refined colour palette with natural tones – think about neutral shades like white and black, earthy timbers, bamboo and of course, plenty of tropical greens! To help achieve that true ‘luxe’ feel, we also recommend a hint of gold to take your styling to the next level.


Island Luxe: Furniture and Decor

When choosing furniture and decor for an Island Luxe wedding, try to focus on natural, organic textures. You can’t go wrong with anything bamboo, seagrass or rattan – so bamboo lounges, director chairs, seagrass umbrellas, rattan charger plates and timber tables will all work together perfectly to achieve that Island Luxe feel.

You’ll then want to juxtapose this relaxed furniture with some more modern elements for an elegant contrast. Bamboo lounges can be dressed with bahamas-inspired cushions in green, black and gold, and timber tables with rattan charger plates can be complemented with matte black tableware, black bentwood chairs and beautiful gold cutlery. You could even throw some gold stools or side tables into the setting – don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to an Island Luxe wedding.

Here are some of our top furniture picks to get you started:






          GOLD CUTLERY

Island Luxe: Floral design

Tropical plants will become your best friend when trying to achieve an Island Luxe wedding! Think about using tropical palms and monstera leaves to bulk up your floral arrangements, and contrast this with white orchids or softer flowers in neutral tones. Pineapples and coconuts can also be a beautiful addition to your ceremony aisle, bar decor, backdrops or table settings.

Oversized bunches of lush tropical foliage work perfectly as a statement ceiling installation for indoor receptions, especially when paired with hanging basket lights. Gold vases to hold your florals will also complement your luxe tablescape. To complete the look, large potted plants in rattan baskets or black and white pots can also be clustered around the space as an easy way to transform the room into a tropical oasis. The more plants, the better!


Image 1: Duo Borgatto / Image 2: Amy Lynn Photography / Image 3: Anastasiia Photography

Island Luxe: Details

To tie your Island Luxe look together cohesively, don’t forget to think about those smaller details like your cake design, guest favours and stationery. We love crisp white coconut cakes dressed with palms, hand-written calligraphy on leaves, and stationery featuring tropical patterns and gold foil. Don’t forget to keep it subtle and use plenty of neutral tones throughout to make the overall look easy on the eyes!

So if you’re dreaming of an Island-luxe wedding, simply keep the above tips in mind and you’ll be sure to create a beautiful, modern and cohesive look that resonates throughout the entire day (and will leave you itching for a tropical honeymoon!).

For more tropical styling inspiration, head over to our Island Luxe board on Pinterest and browse through some of our favourite wedding ideas to achieve this look. Or, to get a quote started for your own upcoming event, send us an email or call our friendly team on (07) 5523 9564 – we’d love to chat through some ideas with you!

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