Introducing – Aisle Wedding Market

Introducing – Aisle Wedding Market



So you may have heard a little rumour that we are launching an online Wedding Store?? I can confirm that all rumours are true (squeal). Judi Watts (our very own Director of Hampton Event Hire) has partnered up with the super talented Kristy Mason (founder and co-owner of Tweed Coast Weddings and The Whole Bride) to bring something new and a little bit special to the wedding industry.

Together they have been busy working behind the scenes during the last few months to bring you a one stop wedding shop! Their aim is to create Australia’s largest online wedding marketplace, bringing you Australia’s leading boutique wedding providers for all your wedding needs in one location. We know how precious time is when you are planning a wedding and how time consuming it is trolling instagram and the web finding a supplier for each and every aspect of your wedding. Well, finally you can find everything you need right here.



The Whole Bride


Introducing – Aisle Wedding Market!

Aisle is essentially a wedding marketplace, think a virtual online market but for weddings only! We are not your traditional ecommerce store, we do not source and hold our own inventory, instead we bring together many of Australia’s leading wedding suppliers and give them the chance to list and sell their own products directly to the buyer. Yep, the supplier lists their own products and ships directly to the buyer.

The concept was created to open up opportunity for wedding vendors to sell their products to a wider audience and to give our engaged couples a chance to buy everything they need in ONE place on ONE platform.

Here is what you can expect at Aisle:

  1. Shop everything weddings – Jewellery, bridal bags, accessories for him and her, ceremony decor, reception decor, structures, textiles, florals, wedding gifts, invitations and stationery, signage, centrepieces, table decor, table linens and so much more.

  2. Shop Pre-loved – In addition to new wedding products, we understand weddings are becoming more eco-conscious and we want to do our part to contribute to eco-friendly weddings where we can, so we have created a Pre-Loved category on Aisle for the eco-friendly couples. You can list or buy ex-furniture rentals, decor, generic signs, furniture, wedding accessories and so much more.

  3. Wedding resources for couples – Digital products, eBooks, wedding courses and workshops.

  4. The wedding business hub (all things wedding “business”) – There is more to Aisle than their online wedding marketplace. Something Judi and Kristy are extremely passionate about is the education of business in the wedding industry. Together they have experienced growing multiple successful businesses in the industry but have you ever wondered how they or others do it (or are doing it)? Aisle will be opening up a “Wedding Resources” category for successful wedding professionals to list their business courses, ebooks and how-to’s, their mentorship programs and so much more. Here is what you can expect in the wedding hub:

    1. Wedding business directory – This is not your typical “Wedding Directory,” we are a directory for “Wedding Business Providers” only. If you offer a service that is specific to our industry or you have experience working with wedding businesses, we encourage you to list your service in our directory. For example, are you a content writer specific to our industry? Do you create websites for wedding professionals? Are you an accountant who works with many wedding professionals? Then we want you in our community.

    2. Wedding resources for businesses only – Digital products, eBooks, wedding courses and workshops.


The Whole Bride


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The Whole Bride


What type of sellers are on Aisle? 


Retail seller – A retail seller is a wedding vendor / supplier who sells a physical product. Potentially you already have your own Shopify store or inventory and would like to sell your products on the Aisle marketplace store.

Preloved seller – Our marketplace is setup for couples who want to sell their “pre-loved” items or event hire companies who sell “ex-furniture rentals” pieces.

Wedding resources – Perhaps you provide a wedding business service, run wedding courses or resource for the wedding market? We are an online marketplace and directory for the wedding business community. Here you will be able to list your wedding service to other wedding businesses. Whatever your wedding business service is, we will find a place for you in our marketplace. 

Aisle is one of Australia’s first ever online wedding marketplaces. With the experience, passion, business development and knowledge Judi and Kristy share in the wedding industry, we can only imagine how Aisle will become an iconic platform supporting the wedding industry and make planning a wedding easier with Aisle.

In the mean time, Aisle will be launching and opening up their market in July 2020! To stay up to date, subscribe to their newsletter here.

If you are interested in becoming a seller on Aisle / listing your wedding course / or listing your wedding business service, you can contact the Aisle team at

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