How to have an unplugged wedding ceremony in 2020



What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom kindly ask their guests to turn off their phones and enjoy the ceremony while leaving the photos up to the photographer. There are many pros to having an unplugged wedding to ensure your guests are fully present during your ceremony. Keep reading to find out more!


#1 – Your guest list will watch and appreciate the wedding ceremony 

There is nothing worse then looking out to your guests and they have their phones in front of their faces taking photos and videos of your ceremony. If you ask your MC to kindly announce that this is an unplugged ceremony before the wedding starts, it will leave your photographer (who you have invested money in) to capture these moments.

This means that all guests are completely focused on the moment, and you won’t look back at your photographers photos seeing phones in every shot.


#2 – You will be able to post your photos in your own time

You don’t want your wedding ceremony posted onto social media prior to you being able to share your professional sneak peaks. Having an unplugged ceremony means you choose what photos get released and by who. Of course making sure to capture everyone’s best side 😉



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#3 – You will get the most out of your photographer and receive quality images! 

It is truly the worst when you have eyes wandering in all directions in a professional photo. When having your group shots, you want your guests to be focused on the professional photographer, not the cameras of your relatives behind the photographer trying to capture the same moment. 

To ensure your guests are prepared for unplugged ceremonies DO give them enough notice so they are aware of your wishes. DO give them access to the professional photos once they have been shared and DO let your guest know they will have a chance to get their phones out and share the reception but to be respectful of the ceremony. In saying this, you do want to be respectful to your guest list so DON’T take your guests phone, trust they will respect your wishes.



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We highly recommend you consider having an unplugged ceremony at your wedding to make sure your guests can share in your special memory and your photographer can capture the beautiful moments without any distraction.



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