Product Spotlight: Linen Napkins

Table Styling with Linen Napkin and Copper Cutlery

While they may seem like small details, linen napkins can elevate any place setting, transform your tablescapes and create a beautiful dining experience for your guests.

Here at Hampton Event Hire, we have a wide range of linen napkin colours to choose from (and have recently expanded our collection!). Whether you’re looking for muted earthy tones, soft pastels or classic neutrals, we have a napkin shade to suit all colour palettes.

Looking for tablescape inspiration? Read on as we shine a spotlight on our linen napkin range, including some styling tips and ideas to bring your vision to life!

Linen Napkin Hire For Weddings and Events

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Meet Our New Linen Napkin Range

Our linen napkins are the perfect way to add a subtle pop of colour into your table settings, while making the dining experience feel just that little bit extra special for your guests. We have an extensive range of linen napkins in a variety of modern colour options, including some beautiful new shades that have just landed!

Napkin Colours
Linen Napkin Table Styling
Linen Napkin Table Styling

Choosing The Right Linen Napkin Colour

Whether your vibe is elegant and sophisticated, earthy and bohemian or soft and romantic, the right shade of napkin can help you create a beautifully curated tablescape.

To choose the perfect napkin colour, think about the overall theme and vision of your day. Are you using lots of pretty pastels and muted tones, or are you going for a bold, vibrant aesthetic? Refer to your wedding mood board as a guide to help you choose a napkin colour that will tie in cohesively with the other elements of your day.

For example: neutral shades like white, oatmeal and sand will work well for a timeless look, while autumnal tones like terracotta and khaki are ideal for an earthy colour palette. If you’re not sure which napkin colour will be the best fit for your tablescape, feel free to ask our team and we can offer some tailored suggestions!

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Styling Your Linen Napkins

Once you’ve decided on the perfect shade of linen napkin, consider how you want to style them at each place setting. There are a number of ways to present your linen napkins, such as:

    • Classic Fold: The classic fold is perfect for a clean, sophisticated, and symmetrical table setting. It also works beautifully with a place card, favour, or menu sitting on top. Consider designing your menu slightly smaller so that the napkin creates a subtle “border” around the edges.
    • Knotted: For a relaxed and informal look, tie your napkins about one-third of the way down to create a knot. This style works well when positioned slightly off-centre. You can achieve the same knotted look by using a napkin ring or by tying your place cards around the napkin.
    • Loose: Create an unfussy, unstructured, and textured look by gently crumpling your napkins and placing them underneath your dinner plates. Embrace the beauty of imperfection for an organic table setting.
    • Long and Draped: Fold your napkins into thirds lengthwise and neatly tuck them under your plates so that they drape down over the edge of the table. This can have an amazing visual effect throughout the room.

Again, be inspired by the overall theme of your wedding day to help you choose the right presentation style. A classic fold works well for a formal, timeless look, while a knotted napkin can work beautifully for a relaxed, bohemian-inspired table setting.

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Linen Napkin Hire for Weddings and Events

Elevate your upcoming wedding or event with our beautiful linen napkin range. View our entire collection of linen napkins online here, or get in touch to check availability on your event date.

Based on the Gold Coast, we service weddings and events right across Brisbane, Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond!

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