Large Brooklyn Structure – Black




3.7m (W) x 3.5m (D) x 3.2m (H)
Opening is 2.65m (W) x 2.1m (H)

Item description:

Elevate your ambiance with a remarkable wire frame structure, an architectural marvel poised to transform your surroundings. Prepare to immerse yourself in its grandeur, offering a wealth of enchanting possibilities. A striking feature entrance, where elegance greets your guests. An intimate dining oasis, nestled within its captivating contours. An inviting lounge haven, where luxury and comfort intertwine. Infuse your distinctive touch into this colossal canvas as you adorn it with exquisite florals, balloons, or lavish decor, resulting in an unforgettable statement of opulence and refinement.

Maximum weight capacity is 30kgs

Can be used as:
– Feature Entrance
– Intimate Dining Area
– Intimate Lounging Area


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