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Statement backdrops are one of our favourite accent pieces when it comes to creative wedding and event styling! A beautiful backdrop can not only be used to frame your ceremony or sit behind your bridal table, but can also serve a functional purpose for things like photo booths, signage and displays, too.

Our range of backdrops are forever growing, so we thought we’d share some of our top tips to help you choose the perfect backdrop for your upcoming celebration. Keep reading as we chat all things backdrop styling and share some of our favourite backdrop inspo from recent events!


Image: Lucas & Co / Styled by The Events Lounge

Why Use a Backdrop?

Backdrops are incredibly versatile and have a multitude of different uses! A statement backdrop can be purely an aesthetic piece when it comes to decor and styling, but they can also be a practical addition to your wedding, too.

We’ve seen our clients use backdrops for a wide range of different purposes, such as:

  • Ceremony arbours

  • Bridal table backdrops

  • Photo booth backdrops

  • Bar backdrops

  • Bar shelving

  • Drink stations

  • Dessert stations

  • Guest favour displays

  • Signage and branding

  • Seating chart displays

  • Hiding/covering permanent venue fittings eg. powerpoints, artworks, light fixtures, kitchens, toilets

Just to name a few! Whether you’re looking for a statement photo wall or practical drink station, a backdrop can create a beautiful focal feature throughout your event.

With this being said, how do you choose the perfect backdrop to best complement your vision? Keep scrolling for some of our top tips when it comes to choosing and styling the ultimate wedding backdrop.


Image via Figtree Pictures / Styled by The Events Lounge

Work With Your Overall Aesthetic

Whether you’re using a backdrop for your ceremony arbour or behind your bridal table, you should first consider the overall theme or style of your event to help you find the perfect fit. This is especially important if your backdrop is being directly paired with other furniture or decor items such as ceremony chairs, reception tables or a bar. You want to ensure your backdrop works harmoniously alongside your existing decor for a cohesive, polished look!

When choosing your backdrop, think about the kind of colours, materials and overall “vibe” that you’re working with for the rest of your celebration. Then, select a backdrop with a similar aesthetic to create a balanced setting.

For example: if you’re planning a modern luxe wedding in a clear marquee, a rustic timber backdrop might look a little out of place next to your elegant white and gold bar. Instead, our gold Geo backdrop might be a better fit. On the flipside, if you’re planning a fresh, coastal-inspired celebration, a black wire backdrop might not work harmoniously alongside this – but our white linear backdrop would work perfectly!

A good tip is to create a quick mood board or Pinterest board with your existing styling elements, and play around with different backdrops to see which one makes the most sense visually. We have a range of backdrops in a selection of different colours, textures and materials, allowing you to easily find a backdrop that complements your styling.


Image: Lucas & Co / Styled by The Events Lounge

Consider the Practical Details

Now that you’ve nailed the aesthetics, you’ll want to think about the practical stuff. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your backdrop is functional on the day:

  • Think about what’s going on behind your backdrop. If your backdrop is going to sit in front of a beautiful view (like a beach or garden ceremony), you might want to choose a backdrop design that will allow these views to filter through instead of blocking it off. For example, our Soho wire backdrop, Geo backdrop, linear backdrop or round backdrop. Alternatively, if the backdrop is simply going to be sitting against your venue walls or acting as a photo booth, a more solid wall-style backdrop like our VJ wall or green walls might be a better fit.

  • Make sure you check the dimensions of your backdrop to ensure it will fit within your chosen location. For an indoor venue, don’t forget to consider any doors or hallways that your backdrop might need to fit through on the way.

  • If you’re adding flowers or foliage to your backdrop, it also helps to send your florist the dimensions of the structure so they can work with this when planning your design!

  • If you’re using your backdrop as a ceremony arbour, consider repurposing this somewhere at your reception like behind your bridal table. However, don’t forget to think about the resources and manpower you’ll need to make this happen (and be sure to confirm this with your wedding venue and coordinator before the day!).


Image via Figtree Pictures

Make it Personal

Now for the fun part; adding a personal touch to your backdrop to complete your styling! We love seeing our couples use details like florals, greenery, signage and lighting to create a statement focal feature with their backdrop.

When it comes to colours, we find using contrast works best. For example, white flowers might blend in with a white backdrop unless you add contrasting details like green foliage to make them pop. Bold colours, luxe metallics or soft pastels can work beautifully with pretty much any backdrop!

Think back again to your overall aesthetic when it comes to adorning your backdrop and use this as inspiration. For example, a quirky neon sign would be the perfect complement to a modern industrial wedding, while lush dried foliage would suit a boho-inspired setting.

Keep scrolling for some creative backdrop inspiration we’re loving from recent weddings and events, along with our top backdrop picks from our Hampton Event Hire range!


Image via Tom Judson / Styled by Arctic Fox Weddings


Image: Lucas & Co / Styling: The Events Lounge


Image via Spell Designs


Image: Figtree Pictures


Image via Kate Robinson / Styled by White + White Weddings



Image: Bryce + Lauren



Images: Bryce + Lauren

See our full range of modern backdrops right here, or get in touch with our team for a copy of our latest Look Book. We service weddings and events on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and beyond. You can also find more styling tips and real wedding inspiration through our recent blogs below!

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