Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Table Layouts

Planning your wedding reception is one of the most fun parts of organising your special day. You get to decide on many details, from the location and décor to the food and drink choices. One important element to consider carefully is how to get the perfect wedding table layouts for your party. 

From choosing the right wedding table setup to deciding on seating arrangements, there are so many things to consider that will make this a beautiful day that you’ll always remember. We’ll cover what you need to know about wedding table layouts to help you ace this part of the planning process. We’ll guide you on how to choose the table layout for your wedding reception, seating charts, and other ideas to make the party that celebrates your nuptials a truly unforgettable one.

Popular Wedding Reception Table Layout Ideas

When thinking about the best table layout for your wedding, first choose the tables you want to use in the reception space. Wedding venues typically get set up with round tables, rectangular tables, or even long banquet tables. Each layout option offers its own key advantages, so you need to customise your wedding table setup to match both your vision and various practicalities.

It’s interesting to note the choice of table shape can impact the overall atmosphere and the experience for your family and friends, as well as how the celebration flows for you and your new spouse and other key wedding party members. You want to choose table shapes that perfectly suit the space.

Another tip when deciding the table layout for your wedding is to take note of any architectural features in the venue space that could affect where and how you set tables up. For instance, look for pillars, alcoves, low ceilings, irregular room shapes, etc., that may impact seating arrangement possibilities and the flow of traffic around the room.

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Round Tables: Elegant & Classic

One of the most popular choices for many wedding reception table layouts is the use of round tables. These exude an elegant and classic charm, and their circular design means everyone at each table can chat easily.

Round tables are a versatile choice because they can adapt to many different venue layouts and sizes. This makes them suitable for both large celebrations and more intimate ones. Note, though, that round tables usually require more space per guest than rectangular tables, so this might limit your seating options in more compact venues or when you’re hosting a large number of guests.

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Rectangular Tables: Modern & Sophisticated

Rectangular tables are a modern choice and can help give a sophisticated vibe to the venue. If you want a table layout for your wedding that achieves the maximum number of guests per square metre, these tables can be a great choice since you can fit more guests along each side. They suit groups of friends and family members well, too.

Table Seating
Table Seating

Long Tables: Intimate or Communal

Another option is to set up one, two, or more long tables at your wedding. A single-long-table wedding layout is often used for very intimate receptions where you have fewer than 30 or 40 guests in total and create a singular table that encourages friends and family members to chat. 

Venues usually create these longer tables by putting multiple trestle tables end to end. Everyone sits together at this table, with the bride and groom and bridal party in the middle and guests on either side.

Sometimes, couples also set up two or three long tables. They might have the bridal party on one, the family and friends of the bride on another, and those of the groom on the third. This type of wedding table setup is an excellent option for longer but more narrow wedding reception venues.

Table Seating
Table Seating

Wedding Party Tables: A Beautiful Focal Point

When deciding on your wedding reception table layout, you’ll also need to decide if you want a separate wedding party table at the front of the venue. This choice can help you feel truly special on this amazing day since it adds a touch of distinction from the rest of the attendees. You can even set the head table on a raised platform to draw more attention to the happy couple. This option creates a true focal point for your reception space.

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Tips for Designing Your Wedding Table Seating Charts

Once you’ve decided on table shapes and the number needed all up, it’s time to design a seating chart for the event. Take a look at your guest list and try to group attendees based on their relationships. For instance, place family members, friends, colleagues, and even children together on tables.

When assigning seating, think about guests’ ages, interests and personalities and the connections between them. This will help put people together in the most compatible way possible and create a happy atmosphere. To make sorting out your wedding table seating chart easier, there are lots of fantastic online tools to help you visualise the entire layout and setup.


After you have the wedding table layouts sorted out, take time selecting chairs, table linens, centrepieces, flowers, and other décor elements. When you work to incorporate styling for wedding tables, this makes the whole event come together even more. Try to incorporate personal touches where possible and select elements that work beautifully together.

Remember that wedding table layouts play a vital role in shaping the vibe of your reception, so pay close attention to them. If you’d like some help with furniture hire or choosing the perfect table accessories or other reception décor elements, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for guidance and a free quote.

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