A-Frame Shelving – White



2.2m (H) x 45cm (W) x 2.45m (L)

Item Description:

Introducing our A-Frame with a sleek white frame and beautiful wooden tops. This versatile shelving unit combines functionality and style, making it a perfect addition to any space. The white frame adds a clean and modern touch, seamlessly blending with various decor styles. It provides a sturdy structure to support the shelves, ensuring stability and durability.


Can be used as:

  1. Versatile Display: Frame shelving units can serve as stylish display stations, allowing you to showcase items such as desserts, drinks, decorative pieces, or promotional materials. Arrange the shelves at different heights for visual interest and easy access.
  2. Practical Storage: Frame shelving units can be utilised as practical storage solutions, helping you organise and store supplies, equipment, or event materials behind the scenes. This keeps your event area tidy and ensures easy access to essential items.
  3. Decorative Displays: Get creative with frame shelving by using them as decorative displays. Arrange items like plants, flowers, candles, or decorative accents on the shelves to add an elegant and visually appealing touch to your event space.




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