Timber Gazebo – White




2.3m (H) x 2.3m (W) x 2.3m (L)

Item description:

Embrace the charm encapsulated by our White Timber Gazebo, a versatile structure that seamlessly assumes various roles within your event’s narrative. This gazebo effortlessly transforms into an entrance feature or a ceremonial arbour. Extend a warm welcome to your guests, framed by the captivating allure of the White Timber Gazebo, thus establishing an ambiance of rustic sophistication from the very outset.

Whether standing as a standalone focal point or spanning above an intimate long table, the White Timber Gazebo contributes a unique essence. It crafts an inviting haven where guests can convene, engage in conversations, and partake in cherished moments, all amid its enduring design. The White Timber Gazebo metamorphoses into a blank canvas for your artistic expression, eagerly awaiting embellishments such as florals, balloons, and other decorative elements. These additions meld with the innate textures of the wood, enriching the gazebo’s charisma and customising it to align seamlessly with your event’s thematic tapestry.

Maximum weight capacity is 20kgs. Draping available at additional cost.


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