Wine Barrel Dry Bar



64cm (D) x 95cm (H)

Item description:
Original wine barrel with some wine stains.

Creating Rustic Charm? If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your next event, incorporating a wine barrel as a table can be a unique and eye-catching choice. Here are some ideas on how to use a wine barrel as a table.

  • Wine Tasting Station: Transform the wine barrel into a wine tasting station. Place a large wooden or glass top on the barrel to create a sturdy table surface. Arrange wine bottles, wine glasses, and tasting notes on the table. Consider adding decorative elements such as grapevine wreaths, wine corks, or rustic floral arrangements to enhance the ambiance. Invite guests to sample different wines and engage in conversations about the flavours and characteristics of each.-
  • Guest Book or Gift Table: Use the wine barrel as a stylish table for a guest book or gift display. Place a tabletop on the barrel and decorate it with a personalised sign or a framed message. Provide a guest book for attendees to leave their well wishes or create an area for displaying gifts and cards. This setup adds a rustic and personalised touch to your event’s entrance or reception area.

This dry bar requires 65cm or 75cm stools, you can find suitable stools here.

Can be used as:
– Dry bar
– Cake table
– Guest book table
– Wine tasting station
– Sweets and dessert station
– Food station


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