The Ultimate Wedding Furniture Hire Checklist For Your Big Day!

The Ultimate Wedding Furniture Hire Checklist For Your Big Day!

Wedding reception furniture hire checklist


Wedding Furniture Hire Checklist

Let’s be honest – planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming. From choosing the perfect venue to creating your guest list and managing your budget, there are so many moving parts to juggle.

But when it comes to hiring furniture and decor? Well, we’re here to make things easy for you!

If you’re not sure exactly what you might need to hire for your wedding, use our ultimate furniture hire checklist below as a guide to get started. From your ceremony to your reception, we’ve included absolutely everything you may require for your special day.

Keep reading to see our ultimate furniture hire checklist, along with some of our expert tips to help you plan a seamless celebration!


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To figure out what you’ll need to hire for your wedding, you’ll have to consider your furniture requirements for the entire day, from start to finish. We suggest breaking this up into 3 main elements – ceremony, cocktail hour and reception – to ensure you don’t accidentally forget anything!

Use our helpful furniture hire checklists below to work out exactly what you might need for each element of your day, ticking them off as you go along. Of course, these items might not all apply to you – but simply use them as a guideline to get started.

Once you’ve narrowed down your furniture requirements, you can then browse our hire range online and contact us with your wish-list, so we can check availability and prepare a quote.


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Wedding Ceremony Furniture Hire Checklist

Your ceremony will be one of the most memorable moments of your day, so you definitely don’t want to overlook any important details! Use your ceremony furniture and decor to set the scene, while also ensuring you have the practical details covered.

Here are some of the items you may need to hire for your wedding ceremony:

  • Ceremony backdrop or structure

  • Ceremony chairs or bench seats for guests

  • Signing table and signing chairs ← (Note: Your celebrant may supply these pieces, but they might not fit the “look” you have in mind, so be sure to double check this prior to the day)

  • Directional or welcome signage

  • An easel or stand to display your signage

  • An occasional table to hold your ceremony programs, confetti, etc

  • A basket or vessel to hold your ceremony programs, confetti, etc

  • A vase for your signing table flower arrangement

  • An occasional table or service bar with drink tubs and glassware for post-ceremony refreshments

  • Umbrellas for shade, if planning a summer wedding outdoors


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Wedding Cocktail Furniture Hire Checklist

Whether you’re planning a cocktail wedding or having your guests mix and mingle for a couple of hours before dinner, you’ll need to keep your guests comfortable! Here are some of the furniture items you may need to hire for your cocktail hour:

  • A mix of cocktail seating – eg: lounge settings and sofa packages, cafe tables and chairs, dry bars and stools, picnic rugs + coffee tables. (Not sure how much furniture you’ll need? For a cocktail wedding, try to accommodate seating for between 50 – 80% of your guests. You can read our practical cocktail wedding styling tips here)

  • A service bar for drinks (for over 80 guests, we recommend at least 2 bars)

  • Glassware for drinks (Ask your caterer for the most appropriate quantity of glassware to order for your guest numbers. This will depend on the alcohol you are serving, the drink preferences of your guests, and the washing facilities available during this time)

  • Drink tubs

  • Signage for your drinks menu

  • Miscellaneous signage (eg: lawn games, restrooms)

  • A grazing table for antipasto platters or other food service

  • Plates, cutlery and napkins for food

  • Umbrellas for shade

  • Cushions, rugs and textiles for lounge furniture

  • Tealights or candle holders for dry bars and coffee tables

  • Vases for any floral arrangements


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Wedding Reception Furniture Hire Checklist

If you’re treating your guests to a sit-down meal, you’ll need to think about crockery, cutlery and glassware per person. Don’t forget the fun stuff like a photo backdrop, and practical things like a table for your wishing well. Here are some of the most common items you’ll need to hire for a sit-down wedding reception:

  • Dining tables (not sure how many you need for your guests? Read our guide on wedding table layouts here).

  • Dining chairs

  • Dinner plates

  • Entrée plates

  • Cake/dessert plates

  • Dinner cutlery

  • Entrée cutlery

  • Cake/dessert cutlery

  • Glassware: wine, champagne, water

  • Champagne tower

  • Napkins

  • Charger plates

  • Tealight holders or lanterns

  • Vases for flowers

  • ‘Bride and groom’ seats and/or signage

  • Gift table

  • Wishing well to hold cards

  • Cake table or dessert station

  • Cake stand or platters for desserts

  • Occasional table for guestbook/guest favours/other miscellaneous items

  • An easel or stand to hold your menu/seating plan

  • Lectern for speeches

  • Photo booth backdrop

  • Bridal table backdrop


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Wedding Furniture Hire Tips

Before you finalise your wedding furniture hire checklist, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Some DIY wedding venues will require you to bring absolutely everything in, while other venues might have inclusions like tables and chairs. If you’re relying on the venue for any items, make sure you double check exactly what’s included and if they meet your needs. For example: you may have organised a feasting menu with shared platters, but the venue tables may be standard trestles at only 76cm wide.

  • Re-using items can be a great way to save a few dollars (for example, repurposing your signing table as a cake table, or moving chairs from your ceremony to your reception). But if this is your plan, make sure you’ve actually designated this task to a trustworthy person like your wedding planner or venue coordinator.

    Remember, there’s so much happening on the day of your wedding – you don’t want to put this responsibility solely on your Aunty Karen who then gets swept away for family photos and doesn’t have time to move 32 chairs over to your reception!

  • Individual items like dining chairs, glassware, cutlery and napkins all depend on your final headcount, so you might be unsure about how many to book. We recommend booking the maximum you think you’ll need, and then amending your numbers once your final RSVPs come.

    We have a reduction policy of 10% in place – so if you booked 100 chairs, you could reduce this down to 90 before your final invoice is due. Of course, you’re also welcome to add extra numbers along the way, but it will depend on availability – sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Try to minimise the number of different hire suppliers where possible, so you don’t double up on delivery and pickup costs. You’ll also save a bunch of time trying to coordinate multiple suppliers!


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When Should you Hire Furniture For Your Wedding?

Now that you know exactly what you need to hire, when should you make a booking? It really depends on the date of your wedding and the pieces you’re wanting to hire. Some of our items book out faster than others, while others can be added to your order closer to the date. We’ve put together a 12-month furniture hire timeline here to answer this exact question.


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Ask the experts

Our number one tip? If you’re feeling stuck or confused when it comes to hiring furniture for your wedding, then just ask us! Remember, this is what we do for a living, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our friendly team can chat through your ideas and help you put together the perfect furniture plan for your wedding. You can get in touch with us whenever you’re ready, or find more wedding inspiration over on our latest blogs below.

Happy planning!

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