Our Ultimate Wedding Furniture Hire Checklist


Let’s be honest – planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming. From choosing the perfect venue to creating your guest list and managing your budget, there are many moving parts to juggle.

But when it comes to hiring furniture and decor? Well, we’re here to make things easy for you!

If you’re unsure exactly what to hire for your wedding, this handy wedding furniture hire checklist is the best place to start. From your ceremony to your reception, we’ve included absolutely everything your big day needs to be oh-so-special.

Read on for our ultimate wedding hire checklist and our expert tips to help you plan a seamless celebration!

Breaking It Down: Wedding Furniture Hire Checklists

When planning for major events — like your wedding — lists will become your best friend. And for something as important as your wedding furniture hire, it’s the simplest way to ensure you have it all.

By breaking your big day into three parts — ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception — you won’t miss a thing. To help you, we’ve created a nifty wedding hire checklist for each.

Remember: only some weddings will use everything listed here. But it’s excellent inspo to get your planning underway. Once you know what you love, get in touch. We’ll check our availability and prepare a quote. Easy done!
Marquee Wedding Reception

Wedding Furniture Hire: Ceremony Checklist

As one of the most memorable moments of your day, you don’t want to overlook any important details during your ceremony. With the right furniture and decor, you can set the scene for the big event and ensure you have the practical details covered, too.

Seating and Tables

 Chairs or bench seats for guests.

 Bar or occasional table with drink tubsglassware, and post-ceremony refreshments.

 Signing table and chairs, including a vase for flowers and other tabletop décor.

Setting Up the Ceremony

 Backdrop or structure for your nuptials.

 Basket or vessel for your ceremony programs, confetti, and other guest favours.

Special Extras

 Umbrellas for shade (depending on the weather).

 Signage, including welcoming and directional signs, and an easel or stand to display them.cc

Wedding Furniture Hire: Cocktail Hour Checklist

Cocktail hour is where your guests usually mix and mingle while you’re getting your professional photos taken. So, it requires a setup that’s equally stylish and comfortable. Need some ideas? Here’s what people usually add to their cocktail hour wedding furniture hire checklist.

Seating and Tables

 A mix of cocktail seating. Think lounge settings, stools, and more.

✔ Grazing tables for canapes and dry bars.

Food and Drink

✔ Catering equipment, including plates, cutlery, and napkins.

✔ Glassware to suit the drinks you’re serving and washing-up facilities.

✔ service bar and drink tubs (our tip: have at least two bars if you’ve got more than 80 guests).

Decor, Structures and Signs

✔ Signage for your drinks menu, lawn games, and bathrooms.

✔ Cushions, rugs, and textiles for lounge furniture.

 Décor for tables, like tealights, candle holders, vases, and vessels.

✔ Umbrellas and other shade structures.

Need some help planning your cocktail wedding? Our handy guide covers it all, with tips like having enough seating to accommodate 50-80% of your guests.

Picnic Set Up

Wedding Furniture Hire: Reception Checklist

Treating guests to a sit-down meal? Serving canapes in stand-up style? Your wedding reception is where everyone comes to eat, drink, and be merry, so this special time deserves its own checklist. Consider these items to pull off your perfect day.

Seating and Tables

✔ Signage for your drinks menu, lawn games, and bathrooms.

✔ Cushions, rugs, and textiles for lounge furniture.

 Décor for tables, like tealights, candle holders, vases, and vessels.

✔ Umbrellas and other shade structures.

Catering Equipment

✔ Plates for entrees, desserts, and dinner.

✔ Cutlery for entrees, desserts, and dinner.

✔ Glassware to serve water, champagne, wine, and soft drinks. Why not level up with a champagne tower?

✔ Platters and stands for cake and desserts.

✔ Napkins and charger plates.


Decor, Backdrops and Extras

✔ Table décor, including candles, flower arrangements, and vessels.

✔ Backdrops for photo booths and bridal table.

✔ Easel or stand to display the menu and seating plan.

✔ Lectern for speeches.

✔ Wishing well to hold cards.

✔ Umbrellas and other shade structures.

Tips to Take the Stress Out of Your Big Day

Is it any wonder brides are now hiring therapists for their wedding day? While we fully support this trend if it helps ease your stress, we have a few simpler (and more budget-friendly) things you can do.

  • Understand your inclusions: Some DIY wedding venues require you to bring everything in, while others include tables and chairs. Relying on your venue for furniture and décor? Double-check the inclusions and see if they meet your needs. You don’t want to organise a feasting menu with shared platters if the venue’s tables aren’t wide enough to fit.
  • Re-use what you can: Using items throughout the day can be a cost-cutter. Love the table you’re using to sign your wedding certificate? It can also double as a cake table. But if you plan on repurposing stuff, ensure someone reliable (like a wedding planner or venue coordinator) takes on the task.
  • Plan for a full guest list: Always base your wedding furniture hire numbers on the maximum amount of people you expect. Book for everyone you invited; once you finalise the numbers, it’s easier to scale down. At Hampton, we offer a standard 10% reduction policy, so you can make changes up to 90 days before your final invoice is due.
  • Use one reliable supplier: Less is more when it comes to suppliers. Using one reliable, comprehensive furniture hire company (oh, hello!) saves delivery time and pick-up costs, and trying to coordinate all of them.

When Should You Start the Wedding Hire Process?

With your dream wedding furniture hire list on hand, you’re ready to make a booking. But when is the best time? It depends on the wedding date and the pieces you want to hire.

Some of our items book out faster than others, while others can be added to your order closer to the date. To help, we’ve put together a 12-month furniture hire timeline here to make it easy.

Ask the Experts

Our number one tip? If you’re feeling stuck or confused when hiring furniture for your wedding, just ask us! Remember, this is what we do for a living, and we love helping our customers and answering any questions you might have.

Our friendly team can discuss your ideas and help you create the perfect furniture plan for your wedding. Get in touch for a free consultation on (07) 5523 9564, or via our enquiry form here.

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