Our Top 5 Ways To Maximise Your Wedding Budget

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Welcoming all of the brides and grooms who have entered the new year and realized that yep – it’s probably time to get the ball rolling with this wedding planning business!

We know that the start of a new year is when the majority of recently engaged couples are energized and ready to tick off some items from that never-ending wedding checklist.

It can be a daunting process to get started, so we recently spoke to some of the best wedding planners in the business about the common struggles that couples face at the very beginning of their wedding planning. The resounding response was the wedding budget! Creating it, sticking to it, and knowing how to make the most out of it.

To help you out we have compiled our top 5 ways to help you maximize your wedding budget (with our talented industry friends providing some valuable inside knowledge!)

1.     Explore the budget benefits of a wedding planner

‘I find the most common challenge facing my couples is knowing how to break their budget down and where to allocate their funds. As a wedding planner I establish and work to a budget with my clients ,however we’re also able to determine their spending priorities’ – Victoria Cameron

‘Wedding planners assist with budgeting by knowing what the best value for money is for different services and offering insight into what would work best for your wedding. There are also additional costs that couples may oversee in contracts, particularly with venues and catering. For example, the venue may require you to take out wedding insurance or require a generator or portable toilets at an additional cost. The caterers may charge corkage or have higher rates for public holidays. Wedding planners have a lot of experience knowing the ins and outs of contracts and T&C’s and will be able to offer advice on how to work within your budget.’Kiera | Creative Weddings

‘Every couple I encounter tell me it is their number one stress. We’ve all heard the statistics on the average cost of an Australian wedding (anywhere from $35000 – $65000). It’s hard for couples to wrap their heads around these average figures without any context. I spend a lot of time with my one-on-one clients figuring out what is really important to them (I can talk weddings all day!). I share my experience to help couples prioritise where the best use of their dollars will be. I also provide copies of dollar-by-dollar breakdowns on real wedding budgets via the We Heart Events website’ – Amanda | We Heart Events

‘As wedding planners it’s our job to make these processes so much easier for the couples. Working together with the couple on their wedding budget is also something that’s very important and involves us giving them guidance on key wedding costs. We can assist them in allocating the budget so they are making the most of it in the areas that are a priority to them, and saving in the areas that are less important to them’  Melinda | White + White Weddings and Events

‘We don’t ask what your budget is so we can spend it all – we want to help you maximize it so you can get what you want. When a couple comes to us and starts telling us all their amazing ideas, we can already start piecing together the perfect venue and vendors to pull this off that are within their buget. Everyday we’re sourcing quotes and negotiating, so we know who to go to straight up’ – Erin | Hope and Lace

2.     Prioritise the areas that mean the most to you.

‘Write down the key elements that are most important to you. For example, you may want a relaxed atmosphere with a really cool band playing and interesting food. Or you may want your ceremony to be really personal and styling that reflects you as a couple. It is important to have a list to look back on, as throughout the planning process friends and family like give their opinion on what they like or think you should have. This list will guide you to make the right decisions for you, and not for everyone else.’ Kiera | Creative Weddings

3.    Invest in some areas to save on others

‘Make a bold, statement piece with areas such as the ceremony backdrop and bridal table, rather than styling every single thing’ Amanda | We Heart Events

‘Our experience in the industry has informed us of which wedding investments are most important. Some of these are also unexpected, for example many couples expect stationery to be one of the more affordable items however it is one area we encourage our clients to invest in as it plays a huge part in creating design cohesion’  Victoria Cameron

‘It can be worth investing in something like a hanging foliage or floral canopy above your reception tables, which means you don’t need many (if any) arrangements on the tables themselves. Or invest in a really beautiful venue space that doesn’t need too much styling or decor in order for it look amazing’ – Little Gray Station

4.     Re-use items where possible and stick to a minimal number of suppliers

‘Things like reusing items – flower pieces on arbours could go on a bridal table or behind the bridal table, a signing table can be re-used as a gift table. Chat with your caterer about the best option to keep tummies full and the hip pocket happy. Use one hire company to eliminate multiple delivery charges. And of course think about what things you can do yourself without putting pressure on’ – Erin | Hope and Lace

5.     Stay relaxed and enjoy the process

‘Be realistic with your budget and get creative, but most importantly enjoy the planning process and be true to yourselves with your choices – theres definitely no right or wrong way to celebrate your special day’ – Melinda | White + White Weddings and Events

‘Trust your vendors too – if you’re looking at this blog you’re obviously into creative and bespoke weddings and so are your vendors – we love this and want whats best for you. And don’t sweat the small stuff!’ – Erin | Hope and Lace

‘I’m all about creating weddings that reflect our clients personalities and style so my best advise is not the be ruled by tradition’ Victoria Cameron

‘I always tell anyone that will listen that the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to was held at a bowls club. I share as a reminder that it really will be the people who will make your day’ – Amanda | We Heart Events

A huge thank you to our industry friends for their input!


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