Top 5 Wedding Floral Trends for 2016



{Image via Shane Shepherd / Florals by Elyssium Blooms}

Are you wanting some on-trend floral inspiration for your big day next year? Your wedding flowers are a huge part of your day – we all know that beautiful floral styling can set the tone for the entire wedding. There is so much inspiration out there these days (hello, Pinterest!) and there is a lot to consider – choosing a florist, what style of flowers to include in your big day, and how to style your tablescape to compliment the flowers. Through working in the wedding industry we have well and truly seen it all, and love watching wedding flower trends grow and evolve with different styles emerging each year.

Before you choose your flowers you will need to find and secure your dream florist. Make sure you keep the below tips in mind when choosing a wedding florist:

1.     Research their work

Once you have found a potential florist, make sure you do your research. Every florist has a different aesthetic so scour their website gallery, instagram and pinterest so that you have an overall idea of the style and characteristics of their work. It can be helpful to browse any blogs that feature their work at real weddings, so you can see how the florals flow from the ceremony right through to the reception. It’s so important to find a florist that has a similar aesthetic to you – this way you will be on the same page from the very beginning.

2.     Be visual

Send your inspirational images through at your initial enquiry. The florist will be able to let you know straight away whether they can create something to fit in with your vision.

3.    Book early

Amazing florists are in high demand and can book out well in advance, particularly during wedding season. Make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute or it could get stressful trying to find an available florist for your date. Even if you don’t have a super specific idea of the style of flowers you want at the time, most florists will allow you to secure the date with a deposit and confirm the finer details in the lead up to your day as your vision starts to come together. It can be a good idea to secure your venue prior to your florist, as this will be a helpful visual tool for your florist when recommending suitable arrangements to tie in with the space.

4.     Be upfront about your budget from the beginning.

Your florist will need to determine whether your vision is achievable with the budget you have allowed. Florists are incredibly talented individuals and can create some spectacular arrangements but at the end of the day they can only work within your budget. Don’t stress if you are on a tighter budget though, as your florist will be able to make some cost effective solutions for you to save money and make the most out of your wedding flowers. A lot of florists will also have minimum spends in place, so make sure you check these out too.

Now the fun part, choosing your wedding flowers! If you are planning a wedding next year, here are our top 5 wedding flower trends that are emerging as popular choices for 2016.


We love that couples are starting to embrace colour in their arrangements! And not just a little bit of colour here and there – we mean super bright, bold, vibrant bursts of colour.

Image sources clockwise from left: Green Wedding Shoes / Figtree Pictures + Elyssium Blooms / Ryder Evans Photography / Figtree Pictures + Elyssium Blooms

Why:  Bright colours evoke feelings of happiness and energy and can uplift the whole ambience of the space. It can also be the perfect way to reflect your personality if you are a bubbly and cheerful couple.

Styling tips:  We love bright colours with white + metallic tones as a contrast in the furniture and décor. Think white bentwood chairs, gold charger plates and gold cutlery.


If you are wanting to transform your venue space completely and add something with a huge impact then why not consider a hanging floral or foliage installation. We have seen many amazing installations this year but are predicting some even more creative and unique structures in 2016.

Image sources clockwise from left: Brit + Co / Nouba / The Style Co / Georgeous

Why: Not only are hanging installations an effective way to bring some floral goodness into your reception, but it can also be quite strategic as you can include less (if any) flowers on the actual tables themselves.

Styling tips: With less flowers on the tables, you can make the table itself the feature. A beautiful raw timber table is the perfect match for a hanging installation. In place of table flowers, you can use candles and lanterns to create a glowing tablescape.


Floral arches, flower walls and dramatic arbour arrangements are on the rise with couples investing in high impact flower structures for their ceremony. Keep an eye out for vibrant red + fuchsia bougainvillea dressing ceremony arbours in 2016.

Image sources clockwise from left: Green Wedding Shoes / Style Me Pretty / Style Me Pretty / Figtree Pictures + Elyssium Blooms

Why:  Beautiful and striking ceremony flowers create an amazing ambience from the very start, plus your ceremony photos will be phenomenal with a gorgeous floral backdrop. If the structure is able to be moved and logistics allow for it, you can also re-use this as a photobooth or bridal table backdrop after the ceremony.

Styling tips: Keep your ceremony seating simple as the backdrop will be the main feature. We love bench seating for a clean and streamlined layout. Make sure you have a strong and sturdy base to work with (our white VJ wall would be perfect!)


Recently we have seen a growing trend with a focus on floral arrangements at the bar. It makes sense – the bar is usually the centre of activity so why not dress it up with some beautiful blooms or baskets of foliage. We are predicting even bigger bar arrangements coming into 2016!

Image sources clockwise from left: The Style Co / White Images + Elyssium Blooms / Style Me Pretty / Brodie Standen + Twig and Grace

Why: Bar arrangements are a clever way to make an impact during your canapé hour – instead of having smaller vases of flowers on your dry bars or coffee tables, you can create a greater impact with one or two amazing bar arrangements.

Styling tips: Bar arrangements are most effective when they have a beautiful bar to work with and some crystal glassware to line up beside them!


Although this has been a growing trend for some time now, we are seeing floral arrangements becoming even more asymmetrical and unstructured than ever before. Trailing greenery and blooms with irregular shaped arrangements will definitely be continuing into 2016.

Image sources clockwise from left: Style Me Pretty / Hey Wedding Lady / Figtree Pictures + Elyssium Blooms / Ryder Evans Photography

Why: Unstructured arrangements can be more interesting than a posie of flowers, as each one is unique. The loose and organic style also helps create a relaxed ambience.

Styling tips: We love organic arrangements like these paired with natural tones and textures, like our rattan charger plates and stone linen napkins.

We can’t wait to see some gorgeous and unique floral styling in 2016. Big love to all of the talented florists out there who help create magic with their incredible arrangements!

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