Styling tips | How to use black in your wedding styling!

Styling tips | How to use black in your wedding styling!



Over the last few years, wedding trends have continued to evolve as we (thankfully!) head further and further away from “chair cover and sash” territory. These days we are pushing boundaries, crossing lines and drawing inspiration from the most varied and unique places to create unforgettable events. Case in point: the introduction of BLACK as a seriously stylish but often overlooked option when it comes to wedding decor – and we have to tell you, we are LOVING. IT!

Earlier this year we predicted monochrome being a styling trend in 2017, and I think it’s safe to say we might just be right 😉 But black is such a dark and dramatic shade that it can seem like a bit of an unusual choice to make when it comes to decorating the happiest day of your life. Trust us, though – when executed thoughtfully, you can create something that is both ultra modern and incredibly beautiful!

So if you’re hesitant about using black on your wedding day – let us tell you exactly why we are obsessed with this wedding trend and our top tips on incorporating it thoughtfully into your wedding styling.


So why exactly has black become the new black when it comes to wedding styling? We can think of a few good reasons:

  • RISE OF THE ANTI-WEDDING: Something we hear a lot from our brides is that they don’t want their wedding to feel too “wedding-y”. Okay, so that might not be a real word, but we know exactly what they mean – less fuss, fewer frills, and definitely no “one size fits all” cookie-cutter weddings. What better way to veer away from the traditional than by including an unsuspecting colour like black throughout your decor?

  • TIMELESS: Just like the little black dress, you can rest assured that anything monochrome is never going to go out of style. When it comes to classic styling that is going to last the test of time, we’d like to add black to the list of fail-safe colour choices.

  • VERSATILE: As we’ll go into in more detail below, black doesn’t have to be scary because it’s sooo versatile that you can make it work with a huge variety of different “looks”. People tend to assume that black decor is reserved for luxurious, high-end events – and it definitely can be, but you can also rock it for a more relaxed, urban vibe or even for a tropical styled setting (yes, really!!)

Not convinced just yet? Check out some of our favourite styling choices when it comes to using black in your wedding decor.


For a modern, urban and industrial inspired setting, you can’t go past black when it comes to your furniture and decor. This look is best achieved by pairing black pieces with timber elements to create that ‘New York rooftop’ vibe that works particularly well for cocktail style weddings.

Industrial materials like metal and wire are perfect when it comes to furniture selections. To soften the look, balance out the black with linen sofa furniture, scatter cushions and fresh greenery.





Images by Figtree Pictures


For a luxe, bohemian wedding we think black works perfectly with metallic tones, berry-toned florals and scattered candles. Or for a more earthy feel, dark timbers and moroccan textiles are a great pairing with black cocktail furniture.

 For a sit-down reception, an easy (and beautiful) way to incorporate black into your tablescape is through black plates – we love them paired with silver cutlery and flowing linens for a beautiful boho effect.




Images 1 by Figtree Pictures / Images 2-3 by Ryder Evans Photography / Images 4-5 by When Elephant Met Zebra


For a contemporary ‘tropical luxe’ feel, we LOVE black tones paired with natural textures. Think bamboo furniture with black cushions, coastal style director chairs, and Tiki influences. Bahamas style patterns and prints will help to tie this look together, along with fresh fruits and tropical plants.



Images by Figtree Pictures

So have we convinced you yet? Black definitely doesn’t have to be restricted to super glamorous events and can be incorporated into pretty much any setting using the above styling tips. It might seem like a dramatic choice to begin with, but in our humble opinion it is a seriously underrated colour when it comes to wedding styling and we think it should be embraced wholeheartedly!

For more suggestions,  feel free to get in touch with our friendly team who can help piece together the perfect furniture plan for your event.






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