Styling tips | How to use gold in your wedding styling!

Styling tips | How to use gold in your wedding styling!



We are huge fans of metallic tones in wedding styling around here, especially gold! But when it comes to using gold in your wedding styling, it can really go two ways.

We speak with a lot of brides who LOVE the idea of using gold in their wedding, but are unsure of how to achieve this tastefully (without it being tacky!). There can definitely be a fine line between elegant and overwhelming when it comes to this metallic shade, but when done correctly – you’ve got yourself a showstopper of a wedding.

Over the last few months, we have seen some AMAZING weddings being created with gold accents throughout. From furniture and decor right through to your stationery – there are endless ways to include this statement shade tastefully into your big day.

So if you LOVE the idea of using gold in your wedding but you’re just not sure how to go about it, we have some tried-and-tested styling tips just for you below (along with some of our favourite gold inspiration for your big day!)


Photo by Figtree Pictures


If you’ve decided that you definitely want gold to be a feature of your wedding but you don’t want to go overkill with it, then create a cohesive flow from your ceremony right through to your reception. This will tie the styling together in a more subtle, natural way.

Think about how you can incorporate pops of gold at each area of your wedding to link it through. It might be something like a welcome sign written in gold calligraphy for your ceremony, followed by some beautiful gold stools or a gold detailed bar in your cocktail hour, and then gold cutlery on your reception tablescape. Another easy way to do this is through the elements that are going to feature throughout the entire wedding anyway – like your stationery, or the vases for your floral arrangements.


Photo by Brooke Adams Photography / Styled by CL Weddings and Events


Photo by The Desert Rose Co


Photo by The Desert Rose Co


Here’s where gold can start to feel a little tacky: trying to include the shade in as many different ways as possible without simply focusing on what will make the biggest impact. Instead of focusing on a million different styling elements, stop and think about how you can invest in key pieces strategically to save you in other areas.

Two examples that come to mind are dining chairs and cutlery. Both of these items are non-negotiables for a sit down reception that you’ll need to organise anyway, so investing in these elements to bring in your gold accents is an easy and effective solution. Imagine a beautiful gold dining chair setting the tone for the entire reception. You could then keep the tablescape minimal because the chairs have made the impact for you already.

The same rule applies with gold cutlery – these statement pieces will help create a beautiful tablescape all on their own with minimal styling required elsewhere.


Photo by Figtree Pictures

Above photos by Lucas and Co Photography


Photo by Figtree Pictures


Keep in mind that gold can come in many different shades. You’ve got champagne gold, yellow gold, rose gold… so the tip here is to pick a shade and stick to it. Too many different shades of gold competing for attention can really throw out the styling, particularly for elements that are going to be seen close together like your table settings. Champagne gold is generally the most neutral option, so if you want to play it safe then keep an eye out for pieces in this shade.


Photo by Figtree Pictures


Photo by Figtree Pictures


Photo by Figtree Pictures


The fun part!! Work with a colour palette that is really going to make your gold details pop. The good news is, there are literally SO MANY amazing colour palettes that work beautifully with gold tones. Some of our favourites would have to be:

  • White and gold (with pops of greenery to add some contrast and freshness)

  • Black and gold (with timber elements to soften the look)

  • Rich marsala, indigo and berry tones

  • Blush pinks and soft pastels

  • Bold and bright fuchsias and oranges for a moroccan vibe

And the list goes on!! Think about the vibe you want to achieve with the look and feel of your wedding, choose a colour palette to suit and then use your gold accents to take it to the next level.


Photo by The Desert Rose Co


Photo by The Desert Rose Co


Photo by Figtree Pictures

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