Style Guide: Modern Green and Gold Wedding Inspiration!

Style Guide: Modern Green and Gold Wedding Inspiration!



For a truly timeless wedding look that won’t go out of style, we can’t go past the beautiful pairing of green and gold!

This look is perfect for couples wanting to create a modern luxe reception that still has a relaxed and organic feel. Refined furniture and decor, metallic details and lush foliage all come together to create this classic style that is becoming increasingly popular for 2018 weddings.

If you’re hunting for some modern green and gold wedding styling ideas and inspiration, keep reading as we show how to bring this look to life through furniture hire, florals and the finer details!


Image via Lucas & Co / Designed by The Events Lounge


When it comes to colour selections, green and gold are obviously the hero colours to create this look, but you’ll want to balance these out with some earthier tones like timber, grey, white and even charcoal. This will help you avoid creating a look that feels too “matchy matchy”. Keep the base of your styling neutral and then use your greens and golds as a contrast to really make an impact!

If you did want to bring in some other colours, navy blue, blush pink or berry tones can also work well. Just make sure your focus is on the hero colours of green and gold, and use these other tones sparingly as accent shades.



For a modern green and gold sit-down reception, we love timber tables paired with gold wire chairs for an elegant and contemporary look. White dinner plates, gold cutlery and grey or charcoal linen napkins all work together perfectly for a minimal and refined tablescape. Don’t forget to bring in the green through foliage arrangements and installations to complete the look.

For cocktail hour or stand-up receptions, our white soho dry bars pair perfectly with our gold soho stools for a sophisticated setting. A statement bar dressed with lush green foliage is also a must – we love our white mesh round bar or herringbone bar options with this look. For lounge settings, keep things neutral with either white, grey, black or cream-toned sofas – you can then bring in the gold through your coffee tables, side tables or textiles.



Images via Lucas & Co / Designed by The Events Lounge


Plenty of lush green foliage is the key to bringing this look to life! Oversized hanging installations, statement arrangements in vibrant greens, and an abundance of potted plants will tie the styling together and create a beautiful flow throughout each area of your day.

We also love the inclusion of white roses and orchids, magnolia and wisteria to add warmth, depth and detail into your arrangements.


Green & Gold Wedding Styling Inspiration: Image 1 via Lucas & Co / Image 2 via Hobbs & Eames / Image 3 via M. K. Sadler

Image via Bryce & Lauren / Designed by Ivy & Bleu


Continue the modern luxe feel throughout your finer details to create a cohesive overall look. We especially love statement gold pendants for a contemporary lighting option, elegant seafoam cakes with gold trim, and minimal stationery suites with botanical accents. Remember to keep that balance between elegant and organic!


Green & Gold Wedding Styling Inspiration: Image 1 via Lucas & Co / Image 2 via Kaitlin Maree Photography / Image 3 via Judy Pak


Image via Bushturkey Studio

Modern green and gold styling is definitely one look that will stand the test of time, with a refined colour palette, elegant metallic accents and beautiful details.  If you love this look, you can explore more of our green and gold wedding styling ideas via our Pinterest board to get the inspiration flowing.

We have everything you need to bring this look to life with our range of wedding furniture and decor hire options for the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and beyond. Get in touch with our hire team for a copy of our latest catalogue, or simply to talk through your wedding plans – we’d love to hear from you!

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