Product Spotlight: Introducing Our Champagne Coupes!



Say hello to our new Decorative Champagne Coupes!

Chic, timeless and elegant, these beautiful glasses are now available to hire for weddings and events. While it may seem like a small detail, glassware can completely elevate your table settings and create a stunning ambience for your guests.

Keep scrolling to check out our new champagne coupes in action, along with our tips for building the perfect champagne tower. We can’t wait to see how you style them for your upcoming event!



Introducing Our Champagne Coupes

Our beautiful new champagne coupes make a wonderful addition to your table settings and/or bar. These classic glasses will instantly elevate your place settings, and add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your event.


Images by Daniel Chafer Photography



How to Style Our Champagne Coupes

Our champagne coupes work best for timeless and elegant event styling. Pair them with our gold rim charger plates, gold cutlery and soft linen napkins for a dreamy table setting, and add our Soho wire dining chairs or European bentwood chairs to complete the look.

You can also style our champagne coupes on your service bar, paired with a lush floral arrangement and custom signage. As well as champagne, they can also be used for serving cocktails and other beverages.


Images by Doe and Deer Photography


And of course, our champagne coupes are perfect for kicking off your festivities with a classic champagne tower! To make it easy for you, we’ve created a 4-Tier Champagne Tower Package including 30 of our champagne coupes.

When building your champagne tower, make sure your coupes are all touching each other – they should be sitting snugly side by side. You’ll also want to organise enough champagne bottles for your entire tower (work on roughly 1 bottle of champagne per 5 glasses).

When you’re ready to start the champagne tower, simply pour your first bottle of bubbles slowly into the top glass. This will then overflow onto the next level, and so on, until all of the glasses are filled. Cheers!


Images by Daniel Chafer Photography



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