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Conferences can be a great platform for sharing knowledge, networking and connection. But in order to pull off a successful conference, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. From choosing the right venue to enhancing the overall experience for attendees, every detail counts! 

Here at Hampton Event Hire, we’ve been lucky enough to supply event furniture hire for a number of conferences right across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. Read on as we share 4 tips for making your next conference a success.

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Align Your Venue With The Event

Choosing the right venue is integral for a successful conference event. The overall ambience, location and amenities of your chosen venue should align seamlessly with the purpose and target audience of your conference.

For example: if you’re organising a conference for a tech company, you’ll want to look out for a modern venue equipped with the latest AV equipment. But if you’re organising a casual conference for a creative business, you may prefer something more intimate like a trendy warehouse or art gallery.

Need some venue inspiration? Check out some of our favourite conference venues on the Gold Coast here.

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Keep Your Guests Comfortable

In order to keep your attendees engaged, they’ll need to be comfortable! Make sure your chosen conference venue has adequate seating, temperature control and suitable lighting. You’ll also want to consider the duration of your event and make your seating is comfortable (and won’t leave guests fidgeting in their chairs!).

Here at Hampton Event Hire, we have a range of comfortable chair hire options for conferences and corporate events. Providing water refill stations, snacks and regular breaks can also go a long way towards the overall comfort of your guests.

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Create Break-Out Areas for Discussion

Integrating different “break out” areas into your conference floor plan is a great way for attendees to engage in smaller group discussions and workshops. You’ll want to incorporate flexible seating options that promote collaboration, such as lounge packages, ottomans, bar tables and bar stools. Our range of cocktail furniture is ideally suited for your conference break out areas!

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Style Your Stage To Create Impact

The stage will be the focal point of your conference, and its visual impact can set the tone for the entire event. With this in mind, style the stage to reflect your event theme and purpose. Statement armchairs, custom backdrops and personalised signage can not only enhance the visual appeal of your stage, but also reinforce the branding and messaging of your event. 

Our Velvet Armchairs, Havana Lounges and Manhattan Armchairs are all fabulous options to set the stage for your conference!

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Conference Furniture Hire

Here at Hampton Event Hire, we have everything you need for a successful conference event. From seating to dining tables, armchairs and lounge packages, we supply furniture hire right across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and beyond! Our expert team can also assist with creating a custom mood board and floor plan for your event.

Explore our furniture hire collections here, or get in touch to receive a copy of our latest hire catalogue.

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