6 EOFY Party Ideas + Tips


With another financial year coming to an end, nothing keeps morale high and says thanks to your team for a job well done quite like an EOFY party! Allowing you and your colleagues to unwind and celebrate another successful year, workplace parties are ideal for recognising each other’s achievements and getting re-energised for the new financial year ahead. So strap in because we’ve got the best EOFY party ideas on deck to get you on your way!

EOFY Party Ideas For a Standout Event

We’ve rounded up the ultimate work function ideas to plan a show-stopping event for you and your co-workers. These end of financial year party ideas are sure to guide you in the right direction, bringing your workplace closer together by creating a memorable team experience.

Define the Style of Your Work Party Ideas

Before you can start booking venues or hiring entertainment, it’s essential to decide exactly what the theme of your party is going to be. There are endless options to sort through. Whether it be a classy gala-style dinner, a chic cocktail party, a Casino Royale type affair, or a fun and festive garden party, Hampton Event Hire has the planning and styling know-how to bring all your party ideas to life.

Be sure to get your team involved and brainstorm together to choose the work party ideas and styles that everyone will enjoy. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Once you’ve come up with a theme that excites you all, you can start thinking about the space that’ll suit your needs.

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Choose the Ideal Venue

Setting the stage can make or break your party, so make sure you think your work function ideas through, so they fit the venues in your area. Consider how many guests will be attending, if the venue fits all your accessibility needs, whether it’s central to you and your colleagues, and what the venue has to offer in terms of room, outdoor space, and event coordination.

There are a variety of options to choose from depending on where you’re located. But for those based along the east coast, we’ve created a list of the best venues in the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay and unique event venues in Brisbane, where you can host your next EOFY party or corporate event, making planning easier for you!

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Use Decor to Set the Right Atmosphere

When bringing your EOFY party together, the furniture and decor you choose can work to really bring your venue to life. An array of furniture like tables, seating, bars and unique decor will reflect your party’s desired atmosphere and really make your theme shine.   

Our versatile hire decorations and furniture are designed to suit any style, with items lending themselves to the whimsy of an outdoor dining event, all the way to the colourful and lively atmosphere of a disco or nightclub vibe.

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Create Functional Spaces

Mix and match your decor and furniture settings to curate spaces that most fit your team and the goal of your party. If you’re looking to jam out to some live music, try and leave some space for dancing, but if you’re interested in a more subdued, intimate event, try to include clusters of seats so there’s opportunity for mingling and relaxing throughout the party.

It’s important to try and accommodate your event for all different preferences, so including a nice balance of seating and standing room is likely to keep everyone happy. When considering EOFY party ideas, always prioritise what will suit you and your team best—it is your party, after all!

Personalise the Experience to Your Team

When sifting through your list of end of financial year party ideas, the perfect work party is the one that speaks to you and your colleagues. That’s why it can be super gratifying to include activities, games, signature drinks, photo backdrops, and even interactive digital experiences, like a hashtag or an album to commemorate your event, that speaks directly to your function and team.

You can also play with elements of the decor and function to reflect your workplace, with branding and logos used to seamlessly decorate your party. At Hampton Event Hire, we can customise dazzling displays, striking structures, and unique large-scale installations to suit you and your event needs.

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Celebrate Your Workplace

Above all else, don’t forget that you’re throwing a party to celebrate you and your colleagues’ achievements over the past financial year. Nothing could possibly be better than recognising all your hard work, so pat yourselves on the back and enjoy the event before the work day rolls back around again!

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Let Us Bring Your Work Function Ideas to Life

It can be a lot trying to plan the perfect EOFY party, but with our expert creative team here at Hampton Event Hire, we’re always ready to help you create the ultimate experience for your company.

From our home on the sunny Gold Coast, we go above and beyond to see your vision through to reality, working with a range of businesses in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and beyond to provide a stunning range of furniture and decor hire to elevate your party and ensure a truly memorable celebration. Get in touch to start planning your EOFY party to be ready for when the end of the financial year rolls around!

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