Our Top 10 Tips for Corporate Event Styling!

corporate event styling

Time to celebrate! Your company is planning an event, and you want to ensure it’s a hit. But before you can start popping the champers and toasting your coworkers, there’s a bit of work to do.

Corporate events require a unique approach to styling and planning. As the Gold Coast’s premium corporate event styling specialists, we’re here to help. We’ve been servicing functions and events across South East QLD for 12 years, and we know a thing or two about creating corporate events that get people talking. Launching a new product? Thanking your staff with an epic party? Holding a national conference? Check out our tips to ensure you’ve ticked all the boxes for a stellar corporate event.

#1: Think about your event’s goals

Corporate events have come a long way, and thankfully, the days of stuffy affairs are over. Today, they’re exciting and engaging, and there’s the opportunity to hold an event for just about any purpose. Whether it’s a product launch or a team-building day, you should have the goal of your event in mind. Growing customer reach, showing recognition to your staff, or positioning yourself as an industry expert, the right corporate event styling can make it a cinch. Whatever your goal, it’s a good excuse to get in touch with us at Hampton.

Corporate Event Service Bar

#2: Consider your brand

Branding and corporate events are a match made in heaven. Now’s the time to really lean into your brand’s colours and fonts, showing the world who you are. As well as having a blast at the event, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate your company as well. 

So, how can corporate party hire specialists help? We’re glad you asked! Balloon arches, themed décor, and even custom-made signs and backdrops — these special touches can bring your event theme to life. To steal the show, we can even customise the colour of our hire furniture to suit your branding and colour theme including table tops, painted backdrops and service bars.

#3: Get the guest list sorted

Now that you know the purpose, creating the perfect guest list should be next on your to-do list. Consider customers, clients, industry peers, employees, and anyone else who needs an invite.

A solid guest list helps us organise the right corporate event hire gear (think catering and seating). But more importantly, it makes the networking and fun a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right guests.

JV 70 of 290

#4: Location, location, location

Location is everything. So, to ensure your corporate event styling goes off without a hitch, it needs to be perfect. Some corporate affairs work best in your place of business, and others in a dedicated event space. Need help deciding? We know some of the best venues in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Did you know we can deliver our corporate event styling right to your event location? Or, you can collect it from our Gold Coast warehouse if you prefer to DIY.

#5: Create a schedule for the day

A strict schedule might not sound like an ingredient for a fun affair, but it’s a crucial one. Think about the purpose of your corporate event and the must-haves you want to cover. Come up with a rough timetable to ensure nothing gets missed. And as always, expect the unexpected.

#6: Include your team

As the best representation of your business, your staff should be included in your event plans. Whether it’s networking, conversing with customers, or selling your services, they should have a role.

Corporate events are the perfect time to give recognition to staff as well. Think about speeches and awards that tie in with the event to show appreciation.

#7: Hire a photographer

A corporate event is the perfect photo op for your brand. You’ve already worked hard to make everything look good, so why not use it?

Hire a professional photographer or ask one of your employees to snap shots at the event. Once it’s over, you can publish the photos on your social accounts, use them on your website, and have them on hand to promote your brand in the future. Win-win!


#8: Don’t forget the food and drink

Keeping your guests from going hungry or thirsty is one of the cardinal rules of any good event, corporate ones included. Let your guest list and the type of event guide you towards catering and drink options to suit.

Need some help keeping everyone happy? We have a wide range of beautiful bars, catering equipment, tables, and seating to ensure the food and drink at your event are *chef’s kiss*.

#9: Make it fun

Obvious? Sure. But sometimes, we can get so bogged down in the details that we need to remember to inject fun into an event. As well as creative styling, consider things like photo booths, music, games, and prizes to keep everyone engaged. Even though your party has a professional vibe, it doesn’t need to be boring.


#10: Call in the experts

Amazing events don’t just happen on their own. And with everything else you have going on, giving the finer details the attention they need is tricky. As corporate event styling specialists, the team at Hampton is here to help.

We can provide something as practical as catering equipment or go all out with a custom-made backdrop and bespoke corporate event styling made just for you.

Corporate event styling made easy

Hampton doesn’t just know how to throw a good party; we’re great for corporate events, too. Our team can help you bring your ideas to reality with complimentary phone consultations and showroom visits available by appointment. Get in touch for a free consultation on (07) 5523 9564, or via our enquiry form here.

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