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When it comes to memorable wedding styling, it’s all in the details. Linen napkins are the perfect example of small but impactful styling details that can instantly elevate your wedding reception and transform the overall feel of your venue. We love the effect of linen napkins so much, that we’ve recently expanded our own napkin range to include a selection of new trending colours – from classic neutrals to soft pastels and rich earthy tones.

If you’re currently hunting for some on-trend wedding inspo, keep reading as we shine a spotlight on styling with coloured linen napkins below, including some looks we love from recent celebrations!


Image via Figtree Pictures / Styled by Sunshine & Confetti


Image via Tweed Coast Weddings / Styled by Bliss & Willow

Styling Tips for Coloured Napkins

The humble napkin has come a long way since the stiff white napkins of the past! These days, linen napkins are a beautiful (and super easy!) way to add a subtle pop of colour into your wedding table without it being overpowering. Coloured napkins can simply make your table settings feel a little more elegant, polished, textural and detailed, creating a special dining experience for your guests.

If you’re working with a specific colour palette, the right napkin shade can also help you pull everything together and create a cohesive “flow” between your different styling elements. With so many colours now available, the options are endless. We love soft pastels and subtle neutrals for a classic, timeless look, or statement shades like khaki, dusty rose, navy, terracotta or plum for something bolder! You might want to choose a colour that also appears in your flowers, furniture or venue surroundings to create a harmonious look.


Image via Ivy Road Photography / Styled by Panorama Events


Image via Ivy Road Photography / Styled by Panorama Events


Image via Figtree Pictures / Styled by Event Stylist & Co



Image via Kate Robinson / Styled by White White Weddings


Image via Figtree Pictures / Styled by Sunshine & Confetti

Linen Napkin Colour Inspiration



Styling ideas for coloured linen napkins

Along with colour options, there are endless ways to style your napkins on the tables themselves to complement the overall look and feel of your wedding! A simple fold might be ideal for a clean and elegant table setting, while something loose and unstructured would be perfect for a more organic look. Some napkin folding and presentation options we love include:

  • Classic fold: Perfect for keeping your table settings clean, sophisticated and perfectly symmetrical. A classic fold can work beautifully with a place card, favour or menu sitting on top (have your menu designed slightly smaller, so the napkin creates a “border” around the edges).

  • Knotted: Tie your napkins about ⅓ of the way down to create a relaxed and informal knot. This style of napkin works well positioned slightly off-centre. You can create this same knotted look by using a napkin ring, or by tying your place cards around your napkin.

  • Loose: Create an unfussy, unstructured and textured look by gently crumpling your napkin and sitting it underneath your dinner plate. Don’t worry about each one looking exactly the same, this look works best when everything is slightly imperfect!

  • Long and draped: Fold your napkin into thirds lengthwise, and sit neatly under your plate so it drapes down over the edge of the table. This look works beautifully for an elegant, modern setting (and creates a great impact on the entire room).

  • Horizontal fold. We love this one for something a little different! Fold your napkin into thirds lengthwise, and wrap horizontally around your plate, tucking the ends underneath.

  • Pocket fold: Perfect for displaying individual menus. Fold your napkin into a square or rectangle with a small pocket to slip your menu inside.

You can complete the look by layering your napkins with a charger plate, statement crockery, glassware and cutlery for a beautifully detailed table setting. Keep scrolling for some of our favourite napkin styling ideas from recent weddings and events.




Image via Figtree Pictures




Image via Janneke Storm / Styled by The Events Lounge for GC Hitched



Image via Figtree Pictures / Styled by The Events Lounge


Image via Ivy Road Photography / Styled by Peachey Pie


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