Our Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Seating Chart!

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Your wedding reception seating chart plays an important role on your big day! Your seating arrangements can impact the flow of the reception, the comfort of your guests, and even the overall atmosphere of your venue.

We know that creating your seating chart can be daunting, but we’re here to help. From staying organised to building your floor plan, read on as we share our top 5 tips for creating a successful seating chart below.

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Start Early (and Stay Organised!)

Creating your seating chart can be a time-consuming task, so it’s important to start early! We’d suggest using an online spreadsheet to track your guest list and RSVPs, meal choices and other special requirements such as dietary restrictions. Using an online tool will make it easier to make adjustments and changes along the way.

Once your RSVPs have been confirmed, aim to have your seating chart finalised at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding so you can give the final copy to your wedding venue, planner and/or caterer.

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Create a Floor Plan and Consider Table Sizes

Before you start assigning guests to tables, you’ll need to create a rough floor plan for your reception venue. This will help you determine how many tables you’ll need and how many guests can comfortably fit at each table. It can be a good idea to grab a copy of the floor plan from your venue so you can pencil things in to scale.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the tables themselves. If you have a large guest list, consider using longer rows of tables rather than individual tables to maximize your space and seating capacity. Check out our ultimate guide to wedding table layouts here!

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Allocate Seats to Your VIP Guests First

When it’s time to start assigning seats, begin with your most important “VIP” guests such as your parents, grandparents and immediate family members. This means they’ll get the best seats in the house, and you can work around them for your extended family and friends.

You may want to have each set of parents host their own table, or seat both families together at a shared table. It’s completely up to you and your family dynamics! 

You should also prioritise any guests with mobility issues, along with guests who may require a high chair or pram at their table. These guests can be seated at the heads of tables to allow a bit more space.

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Consider Your Guest’s Personalities

When creating your reception seating chart, you’ll need to consider the relationships and personalities of your guests. Your guests will be spending a few hours at their table, so it’s important to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and happy with their seating arrangements. 

Consider grouping guests who know each other and get along well, while also mixing up different groups to encourage mingling and conversation. It’s a good idea to include a healthy balance of new and familiar faces at each table!

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Make it Easy for Guests to Find Their Seat

Once you’ve created your seating chart, make it easy for your guests to find their seats! Consider creating a large seating chart display that includes guests’ names and table numbers. You can also create individual place cards for each guest that include their name and table number. Be sure to place the seating chart or individual place cards in a prominent location that is easy for guests to find.

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