Product Spotlight: Introducing Our Linear Structures!



Have you seen the newest addition to our hire collection? Our beautiful new Linear Structures have just arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to get them out into the world!

If you’re looking for a statement backdrop for your upcoming wedding or event, you’ll love these stylish structures. Minimal, sleek and modern, these clever structures can be completely customised to suit the theme of your celebration.

Keep scrolling as we shine a spotlight on our brand new Linear Structures and share some styling ideas for your next event.

Introducing Our Linear Structures

It’s no secret that we love a good backdrop here at Hampton Event Hire – and we particularly love backdrops that can be customised for different occasions.

Our new White Linear Structures are a unique 5-piece configuration that can be styled in multiple different ways. Each piece can be hired individually (with a maximum weight capacity of 5kg per piece), so you can create something truly unique for your wedding or event.

You can use all 5 pieces to create a big eye-catching backdrop, or style them individually for an asymmetrical look (for example: 1 piece on the left and 2 pieces on the right).





How to Style Our Linear Structures

There are so many creative ways to play with these beautiful new structures!

Keep them sleek and bare for a minimal look, or adorn them with some cascading florals to add colour and texture. You can use them as a ceremony backdrop, photo backdrop or even an entrance feature for your conference or corporate event.

Our Linear Structures are a crisp white, which means they can fit within any colour scheme. You can use your flower arrangements to tie them in with your event colours, whether that’s soft pastels or bold berry tones.

You can also repurpose these structures throughout your event. For example, if you’re using them for your ceremony backdrop, they can become a photo backdrop at your reception or an entrance feature for your marquee.

We’d suggest pairing our Linear Structures with a modern chair option like our Soho Wire Dining Chairs or White Bentwood Chairs. For cocktail styling, our Soho Collection, Milan Collection and Icelandic Collection would all pair perfectly with these contemporary structures.




Currently Planning Your Wedding Or Event?

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