Icelandic Rectangle Dry Bar – Black / Black Wood



1.8m (L) x 60cm (W) x 1.1m (H)

Item description:

This dry bar is durable and reliable  The black steel frame of the rectangle dry bar ensures durability and reliability throughout your event. It can withstand the demands of a bustling gathering, ensuring that it remains sturdy and functional. The black wooden top adds a sleek touch while providing a durable surface for serving and displaying items.

This dry bar with white wooden top is a classic design and will work into any theme or colour story. To view the rest of this collection click here.

Can be used as:
– Dry bars
– Food station

Black dry bar with white wooden top.

  1. Product Showcase or Display: Utilize the rectangle dry bar as a product showcase or display area. If you have a small retail business or are launching a new product, arrange samples, merchandise, or promotional items on the wooden top. Use signage, lighting, and props to highlight your products and attract attendees’ attention.


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