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One of our favourite elements from any wedding would have to be the bar! Your wedding bar will be a central hub of activity throughout your celebrations, and there are so many ways to get creative with it.

From backdrops and glassware to florals and signage, we have a few expert tips to help you bring the ultimate wedding bar to life. Keep scrolling for some modern bar styling ideas and inspiration, along with some practical advice to ensure your bar service runs smoothly on the day.


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Choose a Bar That Fits Your Theme

First, you’ll want to choose a bar design that suits your vision and vibe for the day. Ideally, your bar should complement the rest of your wedding decor to create a cohesive look.

Consider your overall wedding “theme” and think about the kinds of colours, textures and materials you’ll be incorporating throughout your ceremony and reception styling. For example: if you’re going for a modern coastal vibe with a light, fresh colour palette, our white VJ bar would be a great choice. Or, if you’re going for a soft and romantic feel, our Dusk Bar in Quartz Pink would work beautifully to tie this together.

Pro tip: Create a quick mood board that captures your overall wedding vision to help you find a bar that suits your style. You can check out our guide to creating a mood board for your wedding here! 


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Get Creative with Backdrops and Signage

Including a backdrop behind your bar will really help to define and frame the space. This is particularly important if your bar is located in a larger space, as it creates a focal point for your guests.

For indoor venues, a bar backdrop can also help to hide things like powerpoints, curtains or other permanent room details that might not be so pretty. Plus – backdrops behind bars always make your photos look amazing!

When choosing a backdrop for your bar, think back again to the overall theme of your styling. For example, our terracotta Soho backdrop would work well for a boho luxe look, while a greenery wall will give you those vibrant garden party vibes.

And to complete the look, consider a custom sign! From laser cutouts to quirky neons, a personalised sign will take your bar to the next level.


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Go Big with Bar Arrangements

Add some drama to your bar with some oversized floral arrangements! Big, cascading blooms will instantly elevate your bar styling and add a pop of colour. If you don’t have the budget for additional flowers, consider repurposing your ceremony flowers here, or opt for foliage and greenery as a cost-effective alternative.

As well as flowers, you can also incorporate decor such as lanterns, bottles of alcohol or even fresh fruits and othe accessories to complement your theme. Think: pineapples and coconuts for a tropical wedding, or clam shells for a coastal look. When it comes to your bar arrangements, don’t worry about making things neat or symmetrical – varying heights tend to work best.

Just make sure to position your arrangements to the side of the bar, and keep the middle clear for service. If your bar surface area is limited, you can add another bar or even utilise the floor space on either side – potted plants work well for this.


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Image by Ivy Road Photography

Make a Statement With Decorative Glassware

It’s all in the details! Decorative glassware can really add to the overall mood and experience of your event. Our crystal glassware will help you create an elegant, luxurious feel, while our coloured glassware will bring your boho-inspired celebration to life.

If you don’t want to go all out with glassware, you can even choose a statement glass for just one element of your day, such as a signature cocktail, whisky bar or champagne on arrival. Be sure to show off your glasses by lining them up on your bar, ready for service!


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Keep it Practical

Along with making your bar look beautiful, it should also be practical and functional, too. Here are some of our top tips to ensure your bar service runs smoothly on the day:

  • If you have over 80 guests, we always recommend at least 2 bars to provide a comfortable amount of room for service. Our bars can be pushed together to create one long or u-shaped bar. Or, opt for a larger option like our round white bar.

  • Make sure your bar has ample storage space for things like glassware, alcohol bottles, garnishes, rubbish and anything else you don’t want visibly displayed on the surface. All of our service bars come complete with hidden shelving at the back.

  • If your bar is going to be outside in the sun, it’s important to consider shade and cover for your bar staff. Consider organising a couple of market umbrellas or positioning your bar under leafy trees to ensure your service staff will be comfortable for the duration of your event.

  • You should also speak with your caterer, venue or bar service staff to double check any additional requirements like washing stations, ice, drink tubs, serving platters or other equipment they might need throughout the day.


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