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When it comes to creating a beautifully styled wedding, we’re big fans of using texture to make an impact. Textural elements not only help to add depth, detail and interest into any space, but can help avoid your setting feeling flat or one-dimensional.

Lately we’ve seen some pretty impressive examples of working with texture from recent weddings, events and styled shoots – and we’ve been inspired by new textures within our own hire range, too!

From furniture and table decor to florals and lighting, we wanted to share some of our favourite styling tips and idea for all things TEXTURE on the blog. Keep scrolling for some textural inspiration to keep in mind for your own wedding celebration, including some suggestions from our new collections here at Hampton Event Hire.


Image via The Make Haus + Jason Corroto Photo 

Styling with Texture: Furniture

First things first, one of the best ways to incorporate textural elements into your wedding styling is through your key items such as furniture and decor.

When it comes to choosing textural furniture pieces to complement your setting, first think about the overall style or “theme” you have in mind for your celebration and consider which textures and materials might work well to bring this to life. (Not sure how to define your wedding style? Start here.)

For example, a modern luxe setting can be easily achieved through rich fabrics like velvet and silk, a more bohemian celebration might work best with eclectic textures of rattan and leather, a tropical wedding would suit seagrass or cane, while an industrial wedding works well with wire and metals. You get the picture!

However, you’ll want to choose a few different textures to break up your setting, because sticking to just the one texture may give you a one-dimensional look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match 2 to 3 different textures together subtly throughout your styling. For example, a timber dining table paired with rattan dining chairs, a cane lounge paired with velvet ottomans, or a marble dry bar paired with wire stools.

You can also opt for furniture pieces that combine different textures throughout their design, like our new Indie lounges (featuring a cane frame and velvet seat cushion). Take a peek at some of our favourite textural furniture ideas below!

Images via Shane Shepherd Weddings + The Events Lounge


Image via The Events Lounge + Jamie Murcutt

Images via Figtree Wedding Photography


Image via Lucas and Co Photography

Image 1: Janneke Storm + The Events Lounge / Image 2: Shane Shepherd + The Events Lounge

Styling with Texture: Table Settings

If you’re planning a sit-down wedding reception, your table settings are a great opportunity to play around with different textures to create a beautifully detailed look. We love to layer different textures to create a contrasting tablescape – again, think about the “theme” of your day and consider 2-3 different textures that can be paired together to achieve this.

For a coastal wedding, soft linen napkins can be paired with seashells and coral, or for a bohemian setting, layer rattan charger plates with leather and wood details. Texture can be used in pretty much every element of your table settings, from plates to cutlery, candles, stationery and even guest favours. You might even choose to add texture through elements like fresh fruits, ornate glassware, fabrics and florals.

Why include textures throughout your table settings? A textural tablescape with varying layers will look lush, full and interesting, which in turn can lift your whole reception space and create a beautiful overall aesthetic.


Image via Janneke Storm + GC Hitched

Image 1:  MLE Pictures / Image 2: Amber Gress Photography


Image via Figtree Wedding Photography + Ivy Lane and Co


Image via Figtree Wedding Photography

Image 1: Crate + Barrel / Image 2: Seven Stems Design


Image via Ivy Road Photography

Styling with Texture: Floral Design

Now let’s talk about blooms! Your wedding flowers will each have their own unique textures to begin with, but why not play on this by making texture a key focus for your arrangements?

Think about including some less-traditional textural alternatives like dried foliage, wispy cotton or feathery pampas grass. Instead of using just one kind of foliage or floral, mix varying textures together. You can even enhance your florals with additional textures like a hand-dyed silk ribbon for your bouquets, or a wire frame structure for backdrops.

When working with texture, don’t be afraid to go big! We love oversized arrangements filled with different textures to create a focal point – think ceremony backdrops, bar arrangements or hanging installations!

Image 1: Sarah Winward / Image 2: Peggy Saas Photography


Image via Figtree Pictures + The Events Lounge

Image 1: The Make Haus + Jason Corroto Photo / Image 2: Lucas and Co Photography


Image via Figtree Wedding Photography

Images via Janneke Storm + GC Hitched + Wilderness Flowers

Styling with Texture: Decor and Details

Finally, complete your textural wedding styling and tie your look together with elements like lighting, stationery and cake design.

From woven basket lights to ornate moroccan lanterns, geometric frames and shell chandeliers, take advantage of textural lighting fixtures for a statement look. Consider a deckle edge paper, wax seals or acrylic for a textural stationery suite, or a ruffled cake topped with textural blooms.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to textural styling details – so think about some subtle, thoughtful ways you can add texture throughout each area of your celebration to create a cohesive look!


Image via Figtree Wedding Photography

Image 1: James Frost / Image 2: Feted Events + We Are Stardust


Image via Janneke Storm + GC Hitched

Want more textural wedding ideas and inspiration? Head on over to our dedicated Pinterest board, or take a peek at some of our new hire collections online. To get started with a quote, you can also contact our friendly team for a copy of our latest catalogue!

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