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Your ceremony will be one of the most memorable moments from your entire wedding. Along with being the place where you say your I-dos, the style of your ceremony is also going to set the tone for the remainder of your event!

Whether you’re planning a relaxed garden ceremony, a luxe indoor setting or exchanging your vows barefoot on the beach, we’ve gathered some of our favourite ceremony styling ideas for you below. Plus, we share our expert advice for choosing ceremony furniture, keeping guests comfortable, and everything you’ll need to make your nuptials extra special.

From seating to backdrops and logistics on the day, keep scrolling for our ceremony styling tips and some creative ideas to inspire you for your upcoming wedding!


Image by Figtree Pictures

Ceremony Seating Tips & Inspiration

First, let’s talk seating! Your choice of chair can make your ceremony space look and feel completely different. 

When it comes to choosing your ceremony chairs, consider the overall vibe you’re hoping to create throughout your entire wedding (such as modern, rustic, bohemian or classic) and use this as inspiration.

For example: our wire Soho chairs will help you create a modern luxe setting, our oak cross back chairs will give you a Tuscan-inspired feel, and our white bentwood chairs are perfect for a classic, timeless theme. Tip: Stay consistent with the kind of furniture styles you’re using in your cocktail hour and reception, to create a nice “flow” throughout the event.


Image via Grace Wriggles


Image by Lucas & Co Photography


Image by Lucas & Co Photography

Not sure how many chairs you should organise for your ceremony? You don’t necessarily need to order a chair for every single guest – some of your guests will prefer to be seated, while others will stand towards the back. We’d suggest arranging enough seating to accommodate between 30 – 50% of your guests, depending on how much space you have available at your venue and the length of your ceremony.

Don’t forget about your signing chairs, too! You’ll want to order an additional 2 seats (and a signing table) for you and your partner to sign your marriage certificate. Some celebrants provide these items, but we’d suggest double checking what they have available to ensure it blends well with the rest of your ceremony styling. 

You can keep it simple by using the same chair style as your guests, or make a statement with something like our natural Peacock chairs! If you decide to incorporate a statement chair for your signing, you can always re-purpose these for your reception seating or even as a fun addition to your photo booth.


Image by Florin Lane


Image by Florin Lane


Image by Florin Lane

Ceremony Backdrop Tips & Inspiration

It’s no secret that we love a good backdrop here at HEH! Setting up a ceremony backdrop is a beautiful way to frame the setting and create a focal point for your nuptials – particularly if your ceremony is taking place outdoors or in a wide, open space. Backdrops also make your ceremony photos look amazing, and guests love to use them for a photo opportunity after the ceremony has concluded.


Image by Carly Tia Photography


Image by Carly Tia Photography


Image by Carly Tia Photography

Make sure you choose a backdrop that complements your ceremony chairs and the surroundings of your venue. You can go traditional with a 4-post arbour, or opt for something more unique like our round Soho backdrop or gold Geo backdrop. If you don’t want to block off the view behind you, you can also create clusters at either side using our white wire Cylinder Plinths in varying heights! Adorn your backdrop with some beautiful florals, foliage or signage to complete the look.

Tip: Don’t forget to send dimensions and photos of your chosen backdrop to your florist before the big day to help them plan and create the perfect arrangements to suit.


Image by Lilly Red


Image by Lilly Red


Image by Lilly Red

Additional Styling Elements

Now that the essential items have been ticked off, you can think about including some extra bits and pieces to make your ceremony feel that little bit extra special! For example:

  • A rug or aisle runner

  • A custom welcome sign

  • A small table to hold confetti, ceremony programs or rose petals

  • Reserved signage for your front rows of seating

  • Vow books for you and your partner


Image by About Time Co


Image by About Time Co

Practical Ceremony Tips

Along with looking beautiful, your ceremony styling should also be practical, too. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure you and your guests are comfortable on the day:

  • Consider the orientation of your ceremony setting – the last thing you want is the sun in your eyes while you read your vows! Think about the season and the time of day your ceremony will be taking place to help you figure out how to best position your furniture. Tip: Ask your venue and photographer for their recommendations based on previous weddings. 

  • You may be able to re-purpose certain elements from your ceremony such as your signing table (for a cake table), floral arrangements (for your bar or reception tables), or even your ceremony chairs themselves. Just remember that this will only work logistically if your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, and if you have a dedicated team (like a wedding planner) to make this happen smoothly and safely. 

  • For outdoor weddings taking place during the warmer months, consider organising some umbrellas to shade your guests (and musician, if relevant).

  • Think about what’s happening immediately after your ceremony. For example, are guests going to be mingling in the same area while you get some photos taken? If so, you might want to organise a drink station or grazing table.

  • Always, always, always have a Plan B in case of wet weather, and make sure this plan is clearly communicated to your coordinator, venue or whoever is responsible for logistics on the day. Trust us – frantically organising a last-minute wet weather plan is not something you want to be dealing with on the morning of your wedding!


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