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We’ve fallen head over heels in love with the newest wedding and event venue on the Gold Coast – and if you’re a plant-lover or bohemian bride, we’re pretty sure you will too 😉

The borrowed nursery is the latest unique offering for Gold Coast brides on the hunt for a wedding venue with a difference. This converted mechanical workshop has now been transformed into a light-filled warehouse bursting with lush botanics and plants filling every corner, with the result being a beautiful indoor jungle.

Not just a wedding venue, the eclectic warehouse is also the perfect space for creative events, workshops and functions. The Borrowed Nursery has previously hosted events ranging from baby showers to photoshoots – the possibilities are endless with this industrial and organic blank canvas!

We spoke to venue owner Lauren on her inspiration behind the space, memorable moments from The Borrowed Nursery weddings, and words of wisdom for Gold Coast brides on the hunt for their own wedding venue.


What was the inspiration behind the space at The Borrowed Nursery?

L: From a design perspective, I’ve always been drawn to industrial style spaces. When coming up with the concept of The Borrowed Nursery as a bespoke offering to the plant hire industry, I had in the back of my mind that it would be great to find the right space eventually that would double as a venue for hire- so you could borrow the nursery. After finding our first space we quickly outgrew it and after a year long search we came across the location at Mermaid Beach. It ticked all the boxes both in terms of the space itself, the size and location. Once a mechanical workshop, the saw-tooth roof fills the space with light together with a roughly painted turquoise concrete floor and white painted brick walls which provide the perfect home for our plants 

What sets this venue apart from others?

Contrasting the industrial architectural features of the space with lush greenery provide a unique experience for our events.  I think with us being centrally located on the Gold Coast is a positive for us, meaning clients don’t have to travel away from the Gold Coast for something different.

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What has been your most memorable moment so far from a Borrowed Nursery wedding?

Recently Jess from Wilde Visual approached us to see if we were available for an elopement for her clients Gemma and Morris. Having already had their two children, they were considering eloping but didn’t necessarily want to travel overseas to do so.

Looking at options on the coast, a beach or park setting wasn’t really them. Having visited us at our old space in Miami to purchase plants, they knew what we were about, and after doing a walk through of the new space it was the right fit for them. Surrounded by their children and close family, Gemma and Morris were married in our humble warehouse on a Monday afternoon. Something so simple but so significant in their lives.

What would be your best words of advice to engaged couples trying to choose a wedding venue?

Whilst budget and location are the most practical areas to start, ultimately it’s important that your venue feels right the moment you step into it. Whether its a blank canvas that you can envisage making your own or a venue that is perfect the way it is, I think its important to trust your gut.

Many thanks to Lauren and The Borrowed Nursery team for their insight along with Figtree Pictures and Wilde Visual for the beautiful imagery x

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