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Have you ever thought of using Pinterest as your biggest planning tool for your wedding day? Here are some hot tips on how to save money and become your own wedding planner.

What is it? Pinterest is a free visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, workout routines and most importantly wedding inspiration!

First things first, create a wedding board on your Pinterest or if you are super organised, create multiple wedding boards! This is a perfect way to divide each element of your wedding.

To organise your wedding boards, go into the main board you have created for your wedding inspiration and add a “section.” Get specific! Organise your boards into wedding dress/attire; wedding décor; wedding flowers; wedding stationery etc. This is going to structure your pins and make it super easy to go back and browse through at a later date.

Here is the fun bit, start searching for your wedding inspiration! Save your inspiration to the boards you created. I know you could sit there for hours saving everything that catches your eye but don’t worry; you can narrow down your pins towards the end of the planning process.

If you already have your dream team in mind; have a go at searching their company name! Most of the time a lot of photos will be accessible to you that have been shared from their website and blogs.


Once you are happy with your boards, it is really easy to then link your Pinterest directly to the companies you enquire with as they can then suggest items based on your style. This is also really helpful to your wedding vendors as they can give you an accurate quote straight away! It also saves a lot of back and forth figuring out exactly what you do and don’t like. 

Have a go and check out our Pinterest account here! This will be the perfect way to start your wedding planning journey. Heads up ~ allow yourself time to get lost in the beautiful photos! You can spend hours and hours on this platform.

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Bohemian Wedding




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